The 20 Fundability Factors that Investors Use to Evaluate Your Startup

My new Fundability Scorecard™ tool — which I am introducing in my One-Day Workshop next Tuesday Feb. 5th — covers these twenty factors that investors look at when considering you for angel funding:

1. Business Description
2. Natural and Logical Problem/Solution Match
3. Market Research Validation
4. Business Stage
5. Market Size
6. Market Growth Rate
7. Gross Margin
8. Recurring Revenue
9. Cost of Customer Acquisition
10. Partnerships
11. Sustainable Competitive Advantages
12. Intellectual Property
13. CEO / Founder Experience
14. Management Team
15. Board of Advisors
16. Financial Projections
17. Investor Ownership Percentage
18. Milestone Achievability
19. ROI Potential
20. Time Horizon to Exit

Each factor has a weighted score, with specific guidelines or metrics to help you assign a realistic value. Your overall score (maximum 100 points) is a rough, comparative gauge of your fundability. The higher your score, the better your chances of getting funded.

Come to the workshop and learn how fundable your startup is.